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Marketing Strategies in the Global Economic Crisis

Name : Edward Ferdinand
Class : 4 ea 13
Npm : 10207377

For the first time Indonesia has experienced shocks of economic crisis - there is no monetary bandinganya. Strange, but true, the crisis for many businesses came suddenly and hit all the big companies, small indiscriminately. Even state-owned enterprises (SOEs) which have relatively special position (monopoly, protection etc.) participate in backward as well. The crisis also abolish the myth of "strong fundamentals of our economy", and our growth above the average of European countries and the United States. (Indeed, economists like Kwik Kian Gie, Rizal Ramli, Mari Pangestu, Syahrir, Tulus Tambunan and others including the writer has since early 1996 menberi motioned for us all to have high sensitivity because our economic fundamentals are not as strong as expected for economic growth ).

Until kinipun economic and monetary experts can not decide the cause of the crisis, particularly those involving the rupiah exchange rate versus the U.S. dollar. Giant companies such as the Salim Group, the Bakrie Group, Ciputra Group, and other relatively advanced management theory and practice. Participate slammed and panting continue the existence of the company. Moreover, the fate of small companies, all so confused.

Yan into question, whether the crisis spur a professional business practices with a focused marketing strategy to enter global markets or even withdraw from global competition? Even in the midst of a business crisis would tidiad what else would act in a global market should continue to enhance competitive capabilities. That ability was the ability to win business market share or at least maintain market share already owned. From the standpoint of the global market this capability is the appeal (attractiveness) of a product or service that makes global customers choose the products or services among the many options available. What are the elements that influence the attractiveness of that choice from the standpoint of the customer? Four factors: Quality (Quality), Price (Price), Submission (Delivery) and Service (Service).

With four quality factors that must be offered commensurate with the expectations of customers in paying the price in terms of added value and delivery on time as agreed and full service (after sales service) quality with no sacrifice that cause the price to be not competitive, because that efficiency in calculation of cost of goods is a requirement to be able to present the prices to add value for customers.
With the ability to compete, a business can gain competitive advantage (competitive advantage). The process to obtain these advantages is its own struggle especially in the global market that has no protection. The advantage of this in real situations is to turn the option is known (converting informed choice) into timely action in a way that ensures more than solutions to be more qualified competitors in the market.

Competition is the proverbial war. The directors and marketing managers in the era of globalization into an era of total competition. They were entering an era where winning the competition will become increasingly difficult. They are challenged and tested their ability to formulate clear strategies to compete and gain (generate) the capability to compete real and long lasting. Such competition occurs in all industries both manufacturing and services.

The tendency of international economic integration encourage businesses to adapt. Open economic policy that semakik accordance with the demands of globalization opens opportunities for businesses to grow into a more qualified and certainly competitive with the efficiency of business functions that were interested in supporting adaptation to the external environment is marketing (marketing).

Before the critical period was from the perspective of international marketing, business has managed to shift from activities to fulfill the domestic market to export marketing and even more are expected to participate in international competition. Lately there are projections of the reduced levels of non-oil exports. Astu One argument is that many businesses do not strengthen our national network (network) international business and international competitions understanding of international market competition. Lack of understanding is because they depend on international distribution network of state-controlled companies - advanced industrial countries (America, Japan and Europe) and the Asian newly industrialized countries (Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan), in addition to it lack of marketing intelligence assignments (marketing intelligence) market global.

The ability for global market intelligence for business both in manufacturing and services (banking, tourism, hospitals, etc.), is one factor of strength to market opportunities. Again, progress towards trade liberalization, as they agreed in the last round of GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade) with the formation of the WTO (World Trade Organization) expand trade opportunities and markets. We all will participate in the reduction or elimination of tariff barriers. If we want to examine ourselves, then the global market opportunities tidah can only be achieved by large-scale business, but the fact that middle and small scale of these processes require resource competition of the brain that manages the marketing of each business.

Tepatkan this we regard the phenomenon of the crisis is short term in nature. Surely a business managed to escape or absence of a central monetary crisis hit the southeast Asian region including Indonesia, bukam a short-term struggle but rather the long term. This is called strategic thinking with visionary insight (strategic thinking with vision). Berstrategi panjant term also means doing a thorough restructuring of management, including organizational, systems and corporate culture. A comprehensive and integral approach.

Short-term aspects of the crisis need to get the focus of attention. Many businesses get stuck into the atmosphere of confusion, blame, and mutual suspicion especially if the business owner is tough to focus on this crisis. Business must not lose focus as a strategy and moments of crisis. The panic in an atmosphere that does not create a business environment increasingly uncertain worse. Because of that common sense should continue to be his control.

Indeed it's time to do business restructuring their business by remembering that Indonesia is now no longer possible to apply the "broad spectrum" in boosting exports and globalization. Since 1996, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce to submit ideas for applied policy-focused "flagship commodity" within strengthen non-oil export performance of Indonesia entered the year - next year. (See table)
Business in the era of globalization will be held by individuals Dalan datap teamwork confound; 1. Tenacity negotiating with insight (vision), 2. Patience with the violent heart (tenacity) and 3. Flexibility to focus. Businesses across distances, keanekarangaman environment and time. This condition is not going to stop because adany crisis because the world is rapidly changing, speed and determination (speed and passion) is an asset that should not be overlooked especially in the third confound these conditions still hold firm to the calm attitude so as not to get carried away by the attitude of "trial and error "or" me-too ".

Compete and succeed in a dynamic global environment means for its SDO (Resource brain) must be innovative is always ready to respond to rapid change. Innovation is not a substitution of hard work but the innovation that is working with smart (work smart not hard work). SDO is how that should idbuat credible? Entering the 21st century SDO is needed especially in an era of turbulence and crisis management are those who always have a fast visim not despair, innovative / creative, deft use of the technology required the business, and most importantly work together in teams with a reliable credibility. Credibility was measured on the basis of 6 K: The belief (conviction), Character (character), concern (care), Courage (courage), Peace be (composure), and competency (competence).

In reality must be recognized that our business is still far from global. Internationalization of new business in an effort that is often performed secars half-hearted (or trial and error). Therefore, now is precisely in situations of crisis, CEOs and managers need to conduct self assessment (self assessment) to be more weighted in the reorganized business strategy to enter and survive in the globalization. An expression of interest in the magazine The Asian Manager (August - September 1995) that may escape our attention, we should think again "... The capacity to learn more rapidly Than the competition will from be the only sustainable competitive advantage ... make learning a basic corporate value central to your company culture ... The leader is the pilot WHO creates this vision for the company's future and is the keeper of the corporate culture ensures WHO That the core values ​​are reserved as a powerful guiding force ... "

What can be achieved through the learning process? Minimal its marketing strategy will have a portfolio of skills that could give credibility to enter the weight in the global market. Portfolio of skills that include: 1. Logical reasoning ability (reasoning) to develop decisiveness with vision in arguing which is supported by the information business environment 2. Business communications is the ability to read, interpret reports and information from the environment. In addition, the ability convey ideas both verbally and in a systematic tertrulis. Fluency in English a requirement in international business communication. 3. Cross-cultural skills. Reliability interact with a variety of culture, style of management / business to other countries. 4. Cooperation preformance teams both internally and in strategic alliances with business partners.

The business world is facing a competitive environment that tends more and more turbulent, far different from past trends. Often ejected assumption that the business entity is no longer sustainable (discontinued). In an increasingly turbulent environment, competition is no longer quiet, but gonjang ganjing and may even zig-zag and bersalto so without a fight despite losing potential players to become bigger. That's why the re-focusing myself on purpose, businesses need the credibility and integrity of the vote substances including crisis facing turbulence.

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